Malwettbewerb an der Schule

Die Schüler von Dai Lam haben gemalt. Das Thema ist die Umweltsituation und der schönste Platz im Dorf. INHAND hat 12 Bilder prämiert, die schon bald in einer Ausstellung gezeigt werden sollen.

Workshop on technical planning and structure of solid waste and wastewater management systems

Am 8. und 9. Oktober fand in Hanoi, im Insitut für Umwelttechnik der VAST der gemeinsame INHAND-AKIZ workshop statt. (Fotos: V. Pick)

Die Pilotanlage

The beginning of the pilot plant construction took place in September 2012. In November the construction was completed. In 2012 several tests and optimation processes were run, several students from Germany and Vietnam supported the optomation processes.

Bau- und Inbetriebnahme der Pilotanlage

Bau und Inbetriebnahme der Pilotanlage

Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung
Projektträger Karlsruhe PTKA

INHAND Vietnam

Protection of natural resources as well as sustainable development have come to an increasing significance all over the world. In many countries a social and political revision has taken place towards an environmental sound industrial production. However a substantial part of consumer goods are being produced in developing and transition countries where environmental protection and occupational health issues are not considered adequately.

Notably in the field of waste- and wastewater management there is often a lack of technical solutions as well as know-how, sustainable financing and responsible operators. Therefore, using a craft village in Vietnam as an example, the INHAND project will provide technical solutions as well as training measures and all stakeholders will be involved in the discussions and decision making.

Video about VIS Treatment Facility

A film about a new technological concept for the collective treatment of organically polluted sewage and biogenic waste.
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